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Astrologer Russell Grant has given a detailed horoscope forecast for the month of September for those born under Virgo. What does the astrology reading say is on the horizon for you? Virgo September horoscope: Astrology forecast for the month ahead - what do your horoscopes say?

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Monthly Horoscope: Virgo, September 12222

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Born to Be What were you born to be? It takes the Moon—a symbol of our emotions—28 days to complete its journey, taskmaster Saturn 29 years to move across the zodiac cycle, and the radiant Sun days to complete a full rotation of the zodiac. Every year, when the Sun in the sky aligns with the exact point it was at your moment of birth, we celebrate our solar return.

Virgo Monthly Astrology Horoscope October 2019

Right now, the Sun is gliding across the Virgo sky —so happy birthday, baby! This is YOUR season. Full Moons shine light on everything: The good, the bad, and the ugly.

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Sure, you may need to accept that some areas of your life need retooling. It may not be easy to face the truth, but knowledge is power. Honest awareness of your circumstances is only ever to your advantage. Beginning in late April, Saturn—the strict outer-planet associated with rules and responsibilities—has been spinning backwards in the area of your chart associated with creativity and romance.