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Tb team which sip c;,ach planet -ecc:tpied at bitlh, it is neces:. Sfry to refer to an Ephemeri! You will find people looking out of their particu- lar window, as it were: An Aries person will look out on the.. Dd 'llablee of. Oimcl tothe cataJoaue of U. WeiiJn PubUeatlons, Ltd.

Rekding tM "I! The house positions of the planets! PaL dlfterence between the dllaram Tt1e Earth belnc pictured tn the cellt. The progressive student will do well to i emem"ler that 'destiny" properly mi:ans whattver is. Astrology is not a doctrine of fatalism. A"strology is. The sign Taurus ,rules the throat as does the second house, and so on. Each house has a specific value and qullity" oj its own amd these chiracteristics. The angtes are the four cardinal points in a horoscope, i.

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When a planet ,s in an angular house it is then termed "accidentally digr;itied," if cadent, "accidentally debili- tated. Cadent houses are those ewtftch fall from the ang.. O:nd" any plaftets foftnd therein. Represents throat and ears. Denotes shoul- ders, arms, hands, lungs, coll,ilr bone and nervous system. The out-. Rwles the breast, stomach and digestive. Parts denoted are reins, kipneys, ovaric;.

Partnec:'s brother 5 or s1ster, being' the third hvuse from the seventh. Rules the knees. Rules the ankles. My owp experience confirms the teachings of the twelve olderwriters. However, times-are changing. O'tic relatiQils and conditions have. Duty Ia charged on new gf'! Although Alaska for years past has belonged to the U. He suffered many other hardshlpa besides. So the ninth house must represent foreignness In every sense of the word.

A person born In the U. As trologlcally, the ml'l'e fact of his crossing over the ll"e woul! But, of cour"-l judgment must be l! Due to the Parfh's rotation the Sua seem'S to rise on the eastern horizon eacb mornJ,. The ot1Jer plaoete likewise apriear to l! Houses are twelve segments of spaces qetween the Earth lnd the Zodiac.

Considerink the earth as in the center for conveniel'lce. Scorpio ruled by 0 Mars ll Gemini ruled by 1;1 Menury t Sagittarius.. Triplicities The zodiacal signs are divided into four groups called "triplicities," and in their order they represent the four elements, fire, earth, air and water. See chapt,er on "Triplicities" in Part V. Earthly Triplicity: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.

Airy Triplicity: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius. Fruitful signa. Sun is itr Soy. Equinoctiaf signs-Aries and Libra. Mute sigrrs-Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. Features of thco. AriesMovable Qr cardinal, fiery, maxuline, ruled by Mars. Governs solar plexus o. Governs the bladder and sex organs. Governs liver, hips, thighs and condition of the blood. Capricorn-Movable or cardinal, earthly, semi-fr 'tful, feminine, ruled by Saturn. Governs kTlf. Aquarius-Fixed, airy, masculine, barren, rule0 bv ' Uf,anus.

Governs calves, ankles, distribution of booily fluids and intuitioo.. Governs feet and psychic faculty. Zodiacally expressed: Aries, ea! These c;. We have. ART 1, '. They are likely to have more continuity and be more difficult to move, change or sway. They do not so readily change their minds; are not so quick to adju!. First house, angular; second house, sue- cedent; third hotlse, cadent.. Her influ- ence in a horoscope is of utmost importance. Her prox- imity to the Earth and rapidity of motion render her a powerful significator in all branches of astrology.

She makes a complete transit of the zodiac every 27 da,ys, 7 hours and 43 minutes. The ,Moon influences growth of: all plant me. Metal, silver. The Moon rules the sign Cancer. J1, ul'! Its day is Wed- nesday; its metal is rwuid metal or quicksilver. Mercury , rules the signs Gemini and Virgo. She rules the sepse of touch and to a great extent the disposition. Her iq. She is considered benefic, warm, moist and fruitful. She governs the throat, kidneys, reins and ovaries. Her day is Friday. Metal, copper. Colors are turquoi. H:s :lay is Sunday. Color, orance.

The S". It is called a hot, dry, masculi11e pl,ilnet, and has much to do with the ai1J,bitions 1 desires and an- imal nature. He governs the sex organs, bladder, ' muscular system, head, face, left ear and the sense of taste. Also cuts, burns, scalds, etc. Day, Tuesday. Uer fLrtune, and is. He governs the blood, liver, veins, arteries and thighs. Signifies judges, councilors, bankers, brokers, theologians, philanthropists' also science, law, reason and comparison. Rules fiflancial dellings: specu-' lations,.

Day, Thursday. Metal: tin. Jupiter rules the sign Sagittarius. Saturn '1 Sometimes s. Its natwe is cold. B'ut when he"is w. Day, Saturd'lY Metal, lead. Color, black. Uranus It;! Formerly calletl Herschel in honor of him whose work stands high in the pages of astral science. Its nature is cold, dry, airy, positive, electro-magnetic, ec centric, occult and malefic. It governs the organs of curiosity, inventions and investigation; genius and per- sonal magnetism; also all things of a curious or wonder- ful "nature.

It rules the ankles and intuitive "intellect. Its colors ue checks, plaids, mingled shades and changeable colors. Ccs, OJiiates, in Nep- tune rules the sign Pisce!. Pluto To date no symbol has been officially assigned to Pluto. So it is designated by e. In our present state 1 of development the. A planet. Thus, Mars is e,xalted'. Tl'le signs of exaltation are as follows: Sun in Aries. Saturn in Libra. Moon in Taurus. Node in Sagittarius. Mars in Capricorn. Neptune in 'l. Uranus in Aquarius. The dignity of Uranus in. Scorpio is not yet altogether est! See" chapter on "Oc,ta Its zodW!

The Moon mattes a complete tramJ:t through the. Mercury moves betwec11! I andol. Mars traverses its orhit in nearly two year'. Slrn ' Ruler Detri. Fall Aries Mars Jupiter N. Node Cancer Moon. Mars Leo Sun Uranus'. Uranus VIrgo Mercury. Sun Scorpio Mars Venus Uranus.. Moon Sagittarius.. Jupiter Mercury, s. Node Capricorn. Jupiter Aquarius Uranus Sun Uranus NeptTne Pisces Neptune. The influence of Pluto is not yet definitely determined. Mercury and Neptune are neutral, 1. Qut of dignity out of hon. IJebilitated-Frivolous, passive, weak, conceited, com- mon, nonsensical, personal, childish, changeable, luny.

Shrewd, crafty, artful, untruthftl.

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Debilitated-Immodest, disorderly, lewd, emotional, indolent, loud, untidy, thoulthtless, gaudy, extravagant; excessive love of pleasure ana ease. Dignified-Benevolent, philanthropic, generous, truth-' ful, honest, moral, sincele, charitable, rea5onab. Je, com- passionate, impartial. Debilitated-Prodigal, wastefui, extr:. Dignified-Original, inventive, ingenious, P[ogressive, reformative, intuitive, social, t.

In the Ephemeris tor the birth year on a line with the date of birth will be found figures expressing the "Sider- eal Time" for noon on that dav in hours and minutes. Dis- reglrd the seconds until the rules have been learned. Sido;real time is the Sun time when it is noon at any place on Earth. Note the S! This will then show the zodiacal pcv;itions of the planets on that day. Apparently movini in reverse order. J6n W retrograde dur ing the month of Detember. The apparent stop- ping is a. See illustration on page If long- itude decreases, the planet is retrograde.

M,ars is. Please see page The inner solid circle represent!. By, the tnd of June, the E3. Anyone can complete the picture and he will find that Mars will stay direct t!. In other words, Mars appears a ways retrograde shortly before and 'll'ter its opposition to the Sun. When a birth occurs in the p. Fo1 an ;. H you should find the S. Birth at Take that as our starting point: In t! Te neJt! The other five narrow columns sf10uld bt'! In so doing thl!

The degrees given may vary slightly if uther than Raphael's Tables are used, due lo slight difference in lat- itude, viz. Looking around our chart it will be noticed that the sign Aries and its opposite sign Libra have been left out. Place them in center of the houses where they would naturally fall in the regular order of the signs, i. If the example data called for birth in 40 degrees only, minutes of latitude, there would be a slight difference. To use ttorttl'f. At the equator all the, Signs rise in regular rotation, but as Wt' proce'l!

In other words, there is no intercention in the zodiac. It appears only in charts. In other words, inter- 'cptiun neither. Strol- 8. Ome other signl. Intercepted signs, Chan s, p. Cotrectioll to Sidereal Time To tf-te earnest student who is desirous of being ac- curate in details connected with the proper construction of a chart, we offer a consideration which should be dealt with iQ all cases when the birth time is presumed to be reasonably correct, and that is a correction between the mean rocal time -of birth and S.

The "Table of Correction to S. Thus: For a hirth. To t1'! Change the longitude into time by multiplying it by 4 mi. If the place is west lbngituc;le, add 10 seco11ds for evc. WHt, to the S. Longitude degrees west. December 4, , p. Salem, Oregon, at west, is about 'R. Of course, for birth dates before standard time was adopted, No. Standard time is therefore an artificial method of time and for horoscopal work tpe standard time.

Mean time, sometimes called local mean time, mean Solar time, civil time, or true local time; all of which titles are intended to designate the real time of a place as distinguished from its standard or artificial clock time. The birth time given for horoscope wol'k should always be reduced to this mean time which is then changed intc Sidereal Time to determine the S.

To find what the differ- ence is between sta-ndard and mean time for Jny other place in America, observe the follvwing rule:. Tire center of each r. Places east of center need. It extends from S2Yz de- greq west longitude to 67Yz degrees west longitude. The center of this zone is the 60th degree of west longitude. The second zone has "Eastern" time. The cs:ntv of this division is 75 degrees west longilude. The center of this division is. The fourtll 1one has "Rocky Mduntain" time. The center of this divisiqn is dogrees west longitude.

The fifth zone has "Pacific" time. It extends from Y,'dt! The foregoing rules also apply to Canada. No other corrections to clock time are necessary, ex- cept to deduct one hour from cl"ck time when Daylight Saving time is used. Unfortunately all places do not begir. Astro- logically speaking, we wish there were no such thing as Daylight Saving Time because it contains liabilityl of senous errors.

Examples No. Rule: Salem, Oregon, is at degrees west long- itude. Four minutes to each degree equals four times three degrees or 12 minutes. Being west of the center, subtr;,ct 12 minutes from clock time for that. Exan:pk No. Process: Boston is on the 71 st degree of west long- itude. That city is, -therefore, in the eastern zone.

For blrtha In places where zone time changes Jlre not definitely known It will be necessary to ascertain carefully what standard o! Heretofore that portion of Montana was In the Pacific time zone. The new ruling al! Henceforth, to convert Mountain clock time Into true me11n horoscopal time for Butte subtract 30 minutes from clock time. For Missoula, subtract 36 minutes. Ail Other townseln this portion of Montana accordingly.

Study the following rules aud make note of this new time factor for futvre reference. In three proPositions were voted OJ! Eastern standard and Sun time. Tltls 'cbange Is etfectlve Sept. In other words, it must be plainly understood whether any certain given time is Daylight Saving time or 'not ; if so, subtract one hour from it, then mak.

It illustrates the deviations from rule, as bHorementioned. Hume Ta:rlor, Co-tldltor with tbe late George I. J November 15th, , 2 a. Eu:em Standnrd Time. Altbougll '' Cootl ued oo pace ' I'ART l. Mia Albany, N. CliTcago, Ill. I6 Council BluiTs, Ia. S Charleston, W. Zl Charlotte, N. Wayne, Ind. Worth, Texas. I Concprd, N. Myers, Fin. N 28 Little Rock, Ark.

Newark, N. Omaha, Neb. I Pittsburg! Paul, Minn. Savannah, Ga. Examples nf Time cbr.


AlbuquerquE', N. Rnn li'rantJc.. Valitjo, Calif. It rniglil loa,.!! See Note concerning Daylight Saving time on pages 65 and Many notions have standards of time all their own 11nd, therefore, great cautlo. When it is September 5th by our calendar j. The Gregorian calendar, adopted February 14th, , was superceded by the Soviet cal- endar October 1st, By it five days comprise each weekf'lnd six such weeks comprise each of the tw :lve months, leaving five in leap t!

Greenwich, and aubtract 4 minutes for each degree of longitude weat. Another Kind of Time : When' the rnllroa" extended! Since earliest times the townsfolk had used Central Stalldard time. Folks went to church by It, wrre. Uncte Ezra listened hut said nethlng. B "not to huh any one'a teellbp. Noon 'ark is tqe'mef11local time at birth:place wbep it is noou 12 m. But for American students and those born other than at G5eenwich that cumbersome and unnecessary method should be substituted by one more up-to-date and in keeping with a.!

The method of Noon Marks for such calculatil'OS is the logical process. It is simply a. Jiicated abo'. Jpler lllnd more logical than the old way, espedlt. We'have'now finished. For persons born nght 10 t.. Its approximate motion is about 0 degree of longitude per hour. Its motion varit! Bflit for births occurring in places other than Green- wich it is nec. Noon Mar"k time in the , birth place when it is nqpn oin ;reen""'kh.

Our example native was born at 11 a. Intereeption Onecannot be to9 cautious In the matterot maklnr, up thle chart. Take for Instance, S. Note the omlasloh ot hro situ; Aries and 'taurus. Rule: To find the Noon Mark look ilf an atlas and note the longitude of birth place. Then consult the fol- lowing Table of Noon' Marks, find that degree in the column of longitude and the fig-pres next to it show the time of Noon Mark.

Look to. For places west of Greenwich look on right side of longitude column and time given as a. Table of Noon Marb Times eq livalent to Greenwich noon. Table -o"f Noon kara E. IS2 1. M UM 6. The actual motion of 'the planets is, therefore, just the reverse, r. But apparently the planets are carried around with the signs. Right now we are con- cerned with the actual planetary motion. To insure getting the planefs properly mserted it i! The Moon'smotion varies betwee:J 12 and 15 degrees per da. To find"" its actual mMion on any date, 'subtract its f! The an. THE NA'rtl.

Thisamount is t6en used to correct ]. Re- verse the above prd. Example-Person horn December! Qn this date. P,ART I. The motion of! Reverse this process for retrograde planets. Man'1 reaetlons to planetary sdmull qualif,. Planetary stlmuJi are the most Jm.. Therefort-, 11 Is vitally necessary that man should understand the nature nf the urges whlc!

H65 0. OIZ8 o eon ' J,. J I08 12 sa Planets' Placi'ii are for any. Jtl21 5 40 36 ! IIlii 4'71 31 3 at 81 18 l5i8 '9IO!

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It beneftta the house. In which It Is locnte. The place of Moon's node and the ten planets for any date may be readily obtained by referring to an Ephemeris; bot the place,ot the Part ,pf Fortune must be calculated from the horo- scope lfself. It Ia used also In Horary Astrology, and Ita placa In either a natal or horary chart may be found as follows: Rule: Add the longitude of the Ascendant to the Moon's longl tude from which sum subtract the longitude of the Sun, and the remainder will he the place of the Part of Fortune.

The "Horot! Add these two positions In t.

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  5. Find that place In the chart and Fter the SJ! Test lt. The Moon Is 29" 23' froVl the Sua. For Instance: Artes lJI" la.

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    Gemini 1 r;. In other wql'! Ii 1'8 ttfe 1st point ot Taurus. Certain distances produce effective angles which are appropriately named. Astrology uses 16 as- pects, including the Conjunction and Parallel. It has been observed that students just beginning th'e study of astrology usually find it difficult to master the ,subject of planetary aspects and orbs. Because this is a basic feature in horoscopy, it.

    That its importance may , be realized, extra effortis here ma,pe to famj. It makes arf immense difference whether an aspect is applyil!

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    Aspects are djtY'ided. The stnnula. They "get the breaks. Unless aspects are properly. To do this correctly he must i1ave made no mi! If so compare them ana decide whether one accen- tuates qr modifies the other. Cts,oll pace RT Vlglntll degrees apart, slightly good. X Seml-sextlle degrees apart, slightly good. Q Qulntll degrees apart, slightly good. Sesqulquadrat degrees apart, slightly adverse. Opposltlon degrees a'part, adverse. The parallel, complete when planets a:e In the same degree and minute of MttlnatVm. The degree of declination of planets may tile found In the Ephemeris.

    Do not confu. Se declination with longitude. Those gj. X Parallel L Opposition Q Trl;e Square Same aeg. L 45 Semi-square 1 ,36' Decile X 30" Seml-sextlle! The other aspects are list! The weakest 'fredecile is at end of ofist. Its In l'lenceIo S apart. Ito lnll'benee Ia llollvene. Ita lnlluence Ia pacl t:. Its Inllueuce Ia llollvene. When one planet Is wltllle Ito orb ot the body of another plnnet, or with the cusp of s hou81! Allow the full orb of a planet to form a major aspect. P Parallel-Means equal dlst11nce from The celestial equator, norllb or south, or one utella r body north and the other south of It.

    A parallel of declination has tlte same etred as a conjunction. Allow an orb of. The declln ntlons of planets are to be found In an Ephemeris for date. Minor Aspects. QeQulntlle degrees aport, sllgJtly gOld: has an orb of 4 u. An Orderly Tabulation of Aspects Always count the shortest way through the zodiac in the chart, either forward or balk, to figure an aspect. When a benefic planet is found to b1e retrograde m11rked R in the Ephemeris, its power for good is weafcened.

    When a malefic planet is retrograde its malignancy is magnified. Then take Mercury, it being next in speed. Saturn to I Uranus to See "Orb of Influence Explained. This rule applies particularly to the Sun's conjunctions, as it is likely that its orb in major aspects is perceptible to the senses only 12 degrees before and after an exact aspect. Thl Moon's orb is 8 degrees when approaching a major-aspect, and 12 degrees when leaving it. Exampie--Moon in. Example-Mercury 13 degreer.

    The applying planet comes into aspect and that aspect begins to operate as soon as the planet's orb reaches the degree constituting the aspect. The quality of this influence is determined by the na- ture of the aspect, i. Suppose that Mars is approaching Jupiter: When Mars gets within 8 degrees of the place in thl! Example-Mars 1 degtee in Leo, Juptter '! CY whether an aspect is forming or separating. It is very important to know whether an aspect is applying or waning. In the orb of aspect with the Sun or Moon the. Note: This same "overlapping of orbs" occurs be- tween the vigintile, quindccile, semi-sextile and decile aspect if an orb of 4 degrees is used for minor aspects; hence.

    Coun't the numbt! For instance: The orb of Jupiter is said to be 10 degrees; the orb of the influence of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune is 8 degrees, while the orb of the Sun is 12 degrees; the 1ioon 8 degrees. Probaply tht! It i:; more tha'h three times as large and. Y t, such iG the. The picture. In qns chart pnder observation the Sun is,eleven de- grees lacking partite opposition to "Saturn, ruler of the house of sickness in that chart. The Sun's apparent motion by transit. Because the native has. Separation: Moving away from the partile; a dimin- ution.

    J PlatM: aspects are those which lire not. The aspects which are in operation at the time of a birth are of particular signifi- cance to that individual. The following diagram is a sjmple illustrar10n of as- 4 pec. The humftn has the 'advantage of being al'11e to accept. Man Is frl'l' within the conftnes of Cosmic J. Diagrammapc Illustl'ati,on df Aspects. Dexter and sinister positions also have significance in that the influence of the rays of an aspector planet must necelisarily be of somewhat different quality or effect when it is moving away dexter from the aspected planc!

    But this difference is not sufficiently per- cept,ble to define its effect ih nativities. They are mentione,d here simply as information and not as a feature to be stressed. In the orb of aspect with the Sun or Moon the line of demarcation between the Sextile and Quintile, par- ticularly1 seems rather obscure, but that is of little mo- ment because both aspects areof the same qualitr.

    The degree of declination of planets may be found in the Ephemeris. Note: In Horar "' astrology any planet conjunction with the Sun is adverse, being "combtl'. Solar Aspects The table. SextiTe, 50 to 68 degrees apart Good Quintile, 68 to 76 degrees apart Adverse Tredecile, to degrees apart Good Ses9uiquadrate, to deg. Biquintile, ! Adverse Conjunction, 12 degrees approaclring a planet or ' point in the. Lunar Aspects! Sextife, 52 to 68 degrees apart.. Good Quintile, 68 to 76 degrees apart.. Bi-quintile, to degrees apart Inter-Pianttary MulUa1 ,Aspects ' f r- "'. The orb of Pluto has not been definitely ascertained.

    Vigintile, 16 to 20 degrees apart Sextile, 52 to 68 degrees apart.. Cood Quintile, 68 to 76 degrees apart..

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    Adverse Tredecile, to degrees apart.. Good Sesquiquadrate, f33 to deg. Bi-quintile, to deg. Opposition, to 18i degrees apart Adverse Conjunction, within 8 degrees approaching or leaf- ing a planet or point in the zodiac. In following Nature's urge we not only feel goocf during good aapeda but we ypress our feelings In pleasant thoughts, words II.

    Aatroloey polota the way. Venus and MerCJ. Where declinations of planets are given for every third day, if your required date is one not shown, re- me! The result is motion in 3 days; if you need to go 1 day farthc;. In Part II of. In the Simplified Scientific Ephemeris the declinatiom. Beginners need not try toereauce the aeellnauon 01 the above named planets to the hour and min.

    The object of working on the dec- linations is to compare them one with another to ascer- tain if any are in parallel; i. Parallels so:ound , are recorded in the list of aspects, as illustrated later on, because the effect of a parallel is of similar nature to a conjunction. Planetary angles or aspects are one 'of the chief Influences ,wltlch direct the matabollstlc proeesse11 of the hody. Herem lies the crux f how planets affect people. We lind planetary vlbrallons giving dhectlon to metabolism expand lng, contractlhg and ot.

    PAR'r I. CHART ' The exact conjunction of Sun and Moon is good ex- cept when beset by unravorable aspects, although it tendi'o ". Mercury Good-Conj. Venus Good-Conj. Sun t;ood-Conj, or flo with Jupiter. Mars Good-No Conj. Jupiter Good-Conj. Qf P with Uranus, 'Neptune or Pluto. Uranus Good! To Uldat earnest students to give full consideration to the matter of upects, we reprint tbe foT! Kepler very carefully pursued Genethliacal astroJogy and d:lmpiled a diary of the events in his life which coinc!

    A scientist Of his ability cannot, be classed as "either a fool or a knave. They praise Kepler for his astronomical findings and condemn his "astrologi4l'researches. However, it is unnecessary to make discussion of a matter which anyone, ,honestly seeking truth,. In the textbooks a full ac- courft ,1,s given Of the iules necessary for computing and recording the aspects to determine their strength and influence indicated by horoscopes.

    Planetary 'aspects are the potent influences which motivate the world. Hence aspects become the most importa'fit fac- tor t'br the consideration of astrological researchers. Ptolemy, justly termed "The Father of Modern As- trology," in. The inference is obvious.. A man who has acquired several degrees has exercised his inherent abilities; travelling and lecturing have brought exper- ience; contact with officials gives him opportunity.

    He knows how to utilize knowledge and is lapable of large respor. Adverse aspects are nol always detrimental; the. By this the individual may oreate capacity, experience and opportunity leading to achievement. Jdsitive a!. Here we see how an adverse aspect may"exhibit its most malign influence and how that same aspect may be greatly modified according as it was' contacted by sign and house and the nature 'Of the planets involved The same premises may be applied to the favmable aspects.

    In these two illustrations the student is examining the actual elements in a chart upon which to base the judg- ment alild is baing so ,tn the same scientific manner in whieh researchers in other branches of science proceed to makt! The inference is obvious of httw differently the same aspect could operate.

    The mere interpretation of a horoscope is insufficient; indeed it may prove discour- aging or hurtful unless astrology is understood to be the means of pointit! In connection with astrology the study of metapiysics will assist in. Ita value Ia In the tac:t tbat It does for tbe human race what no other stllnte pretenda.

    It abows man his proper place In life,.. The reading given for a. I" Mercury in third house well aspected,' for instance b;" Jupitf:r, gives a jovial mind with very good judgent. Success in writings, travel and pro- fessonal matters. Quick tempere,d, sarcastic, resent,ul, impatient, impulsive and forceful in ,speech.

    Difficulty through writirfgs and trouble with brethren or neighbor!. Saturn in second house iP. Therefore, 'Jearn well what each house governs, the chara. Th"e principal aspects to l;e considered in a nativity are the major aspects, i. Squire and Sextilc.

    They give responsive nets In accordonce with thelr.. They follow the lelld ol the hl,lnd leading the blind. For them the astrologer can very accurately rend wluu they will do; wl1at will happen to them, und when It will occnr. Jtlru which astrology supplies. Los Angeles, Llewellyn George.

    Hard Cover, Nice copy, very clean and tight. Light shelf wear to binding. Llewellyn George, Los Angeles, Llewellyn Publications. Paperback, Minor underlining and marganalia throughout and bookstore ink-stamp on title page, else clean and tight textblock. Paul, Llewellyn, Catalogus: Astrologie. Paul, Minnesota: Llewellyn Publications, ISBN: Trade Paperback, tightly bound, an unmarked interior.

    Heavy creasing to the spine with cover scuffing and edgewear. It covers all major facets of astrology, including horoscope construction and interpretation, the progressed chart, transits, locality charts, astrological dictionary, and much more. Fully indexed and illustrated. Very Good with no dust jacket. Fifty-First Printing. Very Good in wrappers. Edge wear. Los Angeles, Llwewllyn Publishing Co. Covers grubby. Catalogus: Occult.

    Llewellyn Publications Ltd. Llewellyn Press. Hard Cover.

    Astrology 101

    Catalogus: Metaphysics. Trefwoorden: horoscope, astrology, aries, capricorn, scorpio, prediction, mystical, psychic, stars, charts, aquarius, taurus, cancer, virgo, George, Llewellyn. Paul, MN: Llewellyn Publications, c Twenty-Ninth edition. Harpercollins Distribution Services, First Edition; Thirty-Ninth Printing. Few soiling spots to page edges.

    Minneapolis, MN, Shadow Press, VG PB. To be read out loud accompanied by jazz. Catalogus: Poetry. Copy marked "Page Proofs Songs Giles". Pollifax und der tanzende Derwisch. Verlag Das Beste Catalogus: Ratgeber. Packed well, prompt reliable dispatch from the UK.

    First Edition. Fine cloth copy in a near-fine. Remains particularly and surprisingly well-preserved overall; tight.